Lifting & Handling

We’ll recommend and supply the right lifting equipment for your crane

A crane needs the right lifting equipment to handle your specific loads. We’ll visit your site, inspect your crane and chat to you about what you’re trying to do, and recommend lifting equipment that is fit for purpose. 

We recommend and sell slings, hoists, chains, and more—anything you need to get your crane working safely and efficiently.

Lifting equipment we supply


Lifting slings such as polyester round slings, flat webbing slings, grade 80 chain slings, and machine spliced wire rope slings.


We supply high-strength recovery tow strops that are cut-resistant, highly flexible, and capable of holding up to 50 tonnes.


We can recommend and supply entire hoists that are low maintenance, and capable of lifting heavy loads. 


We recommend and sell a variety of chain slings of varying grades, including multi leg slings, self locking hooks, and safely latch hooks.


We recommend and supply underhooks such as load beams, lifting beams, magnets, c-hooks, pallet lifts, and more.

Radio Controls

We sell entire high-tech radio control systems to allow safe and easy communication between staff members

Request your free lifting equipment inspection

We’ve been working with cranes for over 20 years, and know exactly what type of lifting equipment you need for your industrial processes. Get in touch and we’ll complete a free lifting equipment inspection at your site.

We provide lifting equipment training

If you need training to operate your crane and lifting equipment, our experts can provide this for you. This ensures that your staff can operate your cranes quickly and safely, so you can get the most out of the equipment while achieving excellent safety standards.

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