We’ll reduce your crane’s downtime and save you money

We are a team of industrial crane experts who can quickly
attend to your issues, and reduce your downtime.

We provide every crane service you might need—we recertify them, fix them, overhaul them, and sell them, with the experience to do whatever necessary to get your industrial processes moving again. 

We can also help you choose the right lifting equipment for your crane, can train your staff on how your crane works, and may buy your existing cranes from you for reselling. In fact, we have Australia’s largest range of second-hand cranes and wire rope hoists.

Our Featured Services


We are crane experts who certify, repair, and supply industrial cranes. Our priority is to cut back the downtime on industrial processes, do this with a suite of services.

Lifting & Handling

A crane needs the right lifting equipment to handle your specific loads. We’ll visit your site, inspect your crane and recommend lifting equipment that is fit for purpose.

Compliance & Maintenance

We have been maintaining and repairing cranes for over 20 years, and have the knowledge and experience to quickly get your crane up and running.

Recertification & Overhauls

We’ll strip down and overhaul your entire crane, making sure that every single part is working safely and efficiently, and in accordance with Australian standards.

We work after hours, and service cranes for every major industry

We know how costly it can be when your crane goes offline, which is why we work evenings and weekends to get things up and running again (and we don’t charge extra fees for this).

We service cranes for every major industry and purpose: fabrication, steel merchants, construction, processing plants, telecommunications, and every in between.

Complete Crane Solutions

Crane Maintenance

We’ll inspect your crane to identify potential issues and causes for slowdowns, and complete the recommended 3-monthly maintenance.

Crane Recertification

We’ll recertify your crane to ensure that it’s safe, efficient, and compliant with AS 2550 standards. We use an extensive 98-point service sheet for this purpose.

Crane Repairs

We’ll repair your crane’s issues to get it working again, and ensure that it works to maximum capacity for your business.

Crane Parts

We have key suppliers across the country, and can quickly supply the spare parts you need for your crane.

Crane Overhauls & Retrofits

We’ll strip down and overhaul your crane to make it faster, and provide a continuous work certificate so you can keep it running.

Lifting Equipment

We can recommend and provide the right slings, chains, and hoists for your crane, to safely lift your loads.

Crane Training

We provide crane training on every crane you can think of, regardless of whether we built it.

New Crane Builds

We build new cranes from scratch, creating the ideal solution for your business.

We Buy Cranes

We buy existing cranes, and will offer you a great price for your existing cranes.

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