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Electrical Contractor Licence: 76741

Manufactured Parts

Our crane supply and manufactured parts are based in Queensland and distribute Australia wide.

Our office and workshop is located in Brisbane, so if you have a question, feel free to call or drop by for some friendly advice. Austwide Cranes and Chains urgers anyone that may have any question to call.

For 4 years the business has provided solutions to the industrial market which allows our customers to lift, restrain and handle loads in a safe manner whilst at the same time meeting all legislative and standards requirements

Approved Supplier of All Austlift Equipment

Austwide Cranes & Chains are an approved supplier of all parts made by Austlift. Austlift products are specifically imported for the Material Handling Industries, they are well known throughout Australia for quality and our prices keep us at the forefront of our competitors.

We Carry Parts

Whether we've been called out on a emergency repair or for a routine inspection, we always carry parts to ensure that any downtime is kept to a minimum.

Normal use of any equipment will result in wear of components, which over time can lead to malfunctions. To prevent any costly repairs or downtime it’s essential to carry out routine inspections to avoid potential malfunctions and detect any maintenance requirements as early as possible. This will not only identify any potential issues but will save on maintenance and repair costs in the future.