overhead cranes

Understanding the Uses of Overhead Cranes

At Austwide Cranes and Chains we are your Brisbane crane specialists and can look after all overhead cranes in manufacturing and industrial settings. We can even arrange the manufacture of a brand new overhead crane for use in your workshop or warehouse. Selecting the right type of crane for the job is essential so you can use the crane to its full potential and for as many different applications as possible.

Below we outline some of the different variations of overhead cranes. While all these overhead cranes look the same to the untrained eye, the way they can be used greatly differ.

Where are overhead Cranes frequently used?

• Steel and Metal Refinement

• Aviation hangars

• Automobile workshops

• Concrete product manufacturing

• Power plants

• Waste Water treatment plants

• General industry.

Types of Overhead Cranes

1. Single Girder Top Running Cranes

With load capacities up to 120 tonnes, and a spanning lengths up to a lengthy 35 metres single girder top running cranes are useful for lifting some of the heaviest loads. In comparison to under running cranes top running cranes can also move at higher speeds than their underhung counterparts. The single girder top running crane has a lower cost to produce than the double girder model, although its lifting height is less than the double girder since the hoist is mounted underneath the girder bridge rather than above it.

2. Single Girder Under Running Cranes

Typically supported from the building’s ceiling structure, underhung cranes are the superior solution when headroom is limited and in tight spaces. The crane trolley travels underneath the bridge runway instead of above it, but normally less heavy loads are available (up to 8 tonnes) are supported and shorter spans up to 25 metres. Single girder underslung cranes are best used in light to medium applications where space may be limited.

3. Double Girder Top Running Crane

Double Girder top running cranes are most often used in spans of 20-30 metres and since the hook travels between the two beams instead of below the beams a higher lift is available which gives greater clearance options for transporting taller and wider loads. They are often used when higher speeds are needed or supplementary equipment like walkways are needed to be fitted to the crane.

We can visit your site around Brisbane and south east Queensland to advise which crane might be best suited to the industrial needs of your business. If you need the right advice on all things crane related, call Austwide Cranes and Chains today on (07) 3823 5880