The Different Types of Gantry Cranes (and their uses)

There are many different types of overhead cranes, each with their own specialised uses and applications. Most often used in a workshop or manufacturing setting, they move loads of differing weights from one location to the other. Austwide Cranes and Chains can manufacture, supply and install a range of cranes and lifting equipment including gantry and bridge cranes. Below we explain the different types of bridge and gantry cranes and their uses.


Bridge Cranes

Bridge cranes are commonly used inside factories for a wide range of lifting jobs. Running on overhead rails they connect to each side of the factory wall. A travelling bridge spans the gap of the factory or workshop and connected to this are girders, trucks, end ties and a drive mechanism that carries the trolley.

Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes have a bridge of varying lengths but have two upright supporting legs (portals) running along the ground and the overhead fixed rails. There are many different classifications of gantry cranes, and different scales and sizes. A container crane used to lift shipping containers is one version of a gantry crane, but there are other customised gantry cranes for use in factories or outdoor storage facilities including ship and railway yards.


How are they operated?

Gantry and Bridge cranes are operated in one of three ways. They can be operated by a dangling pendant below the bridge, a detached remote control, or in larger scale or environments where extra protection is needed in a cabin. Mostly there are only three different operating modes. These include:

Travelling – the movement of the crane along the runway or bridge

Traversing – the movement of the crab (mechanical gear machinery) or trolley from one end of the bridge to the other

Hoisting – the process of raising and lowering the load.

Typically the more operating functions of the crane, the more risky it can be and more training that is required. There are many safety devices that can be fitted to cranes to control risks, these include anti-collision devices, deceleration features, and load limiting devices. The team at Austwide Cranes and Chains in Brisbane are happy to explain the safety features of overhead cranes and can conduct overhead crane training.

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