How often should workplace cranes be inspected?

All cranes must be inspected at regular intervals and bridge and gantry cranes are no exception. The designer and manufacturer of the crane will specify the frequency of the inspection, but regular inspections can save costly damage, and even injury or death.

Austwide Cranes and Chains can take care of all overhead crane inspections in Brisbane. In this post we explain what inspections and maintenance of cranes must be carried out as a minimum under workplace health and safety legislation. 

1)    Pre operational inspections

Before use employers need to make a quick pre-operational inspection of the overhead crane as part of the crane inspection process before each shift.

2)    Full Inspections Every 12 weeks.

Some crane manufacturer’s might specific more frequent inspections than this depending on the slights and the amount of use, but as a general rule a full inspection should be every 12 weeks.

3)    Major Inspections

After 10 years of use the equipment should receive a major inspection to assess the suitability for continued use.

What an Inspection Record Should Include:

  • What was looked at, including the specific areas of the plant, equipment, chains or slings
  • Any signs of wear and tear that the inspector was looking for, e.g corrosion, or other wear of tear. These should be documented specifically i.e 3cm crack on left underside  beam
  • What the pass or fail criteria are. E.g what factors constitute a fail or pass.
  • Any recommendations that were made which could include better lifting slings, what parts be repaired or replaced after a nominated period.

All paper work regarding inspections should be kept and filed so it can be easily referred to. Too often businesses are missing inspection reports from not keeping them together in one place. We ensure all our reports are thorough and detailed to give you the right information to make prudent decisions and a proper paper trail based on our recommendations which can protect your business in the unlikely event of any compensation claims.

We stock parts, are able to provide solutions and repairs on the spot to minimise any downtime – for your next annual overhead crane inspection call the team at Austwide Cranes and Chains today on (07) 3823 5880