ALLY BOATS 2013 043

Inspection Example

Crane 1 Demag Girder SWF Hoist 5 Tonne DOM: 1984

  • No cross travel isolation supply.
  • No long travel isolation supply.
  • Anchor point load pin worn.
  • No earth on the busbar supply (Refer to clause from AS 3000).
  • No final upper limit on the hoist (Refer to clause from AS 1418.1.)
  • No load limiting device (Refer to clause from AS 1418.1).
  • Main hoist gearbox has a large oil leak (seal kit req)
  • Hoist panel has no drawings and wires everywhere (rewire req)
  • Long travel torque arm requires new rubbers (a lot of movement in motor)
  • No drop plates on end carriages.