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Understanding the Uses of Overhead Cranes

At Austwide Cranes and Chains we are your Brisbane crane specialists and can look after all overhead cranes in manufacturing and industrial settings. We can even arrange the manufacture of a brand new overhead crane for use in your workshop or warehouse. Selecting the right type of crane for the job is essential so you can use the crane to its full potential and for as many different applications as possible.

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The Common Causes of Crane Accidents

While accidents do happen, most can be prevented if managed correctly, and this is especially true when it comes to cranes. Austwide Cranes and Chains focus on managing any risks and follow a strict oversight process when undergoing our crane inspections in Brisbane.


There are many things that can make a crane accident more likely, and while not all accidents are fatal, there have been a number of deaths around the world from incorrect use, or poor maintenance schedules of crane equipment – among other reasons. We explain the main causes of crane accidents in this post.  Continue reading

Crane Operator Training

Austwide crane offers the best price in Australia.

Our training is custom to your crane, and any other specific requirements you may have, it will emphasise the correct way to operate your crane and highlight features that will enable better efficiency on the use of the crane. Correct training will translate to less operator errors, reduce crane misuse and possible damage, thus saving you time and money in the long run. Our training has been designed in accordance to the unit of competence, RIIHAN305A Operate a gantry or overhead crane, it is presented by a service tech, someone who knows what the customer needs to know not someone who just sits in a classroom and may not even know the parts on your crane. Training is carried out on site in the customer’s workshop using the cranes the operator uses every day.

  • Pre-start inspection.
  • Design and markings on the crane.
  • Operational checks.
  • Safe operating.
  • Planning the lift.
  • Use for intended purpose.
  • Prevention of accidents.
  • How to deal with disturbances.
  • Instructions concerning malfunctions.
  • Power supply, isolation switches and limits.
  • Use of radio control.
  • Shut down procedure.
  • Lifting slings and chain slinging methods.
  • Inspecting your lifting equipment prior to use.

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