Selecting the right overhead crane for your business

It’s essential that you choose the right crane for your business, and the employer selects crane equipment that is up to the job of what they will need to lift. Since there are all different uses, and purposes for crane equipment, Austwide Cranes and Chains can work with your business and make sure we have you and your business completely covered. There are some factors to asses to make sure that your business has the safest and most suitable crane equipment, and we explain these in this post.

Before buying a crane, the business should consult with their staff to understand the tasks the crane equipment will perform, what operational requirements will be needed to use the crane, and an assessment of any possible hazards or barriers which may impact use.

Questions to ask include:

  • What are the size, type and weight of the load to be lifted?
  • What are the operational parameters for the use of the equipment? This includes the composition of what is being moved, its temperature, and other measurable factors which will influence the design of the lifting equipment and its specifications.
  • What are the physical constraints and design of the workspace?
  • How often will the lifting equipment be used?
  • Will weather play an impact in the operation?

Businesses with existing crane equipment

Sometimes a business will occupy premises where there is already bridge or gantry crane equipment installed. In this circumstance, its important that employer assesses the premises before occupying to determine in the plant equipment is suitable for their needs by asking the questions asked above.  If unknown the manufacturer of the equipment should be contacted, or an independent assessment from a crane technicians like the crew at Austwide Cranes and Chains should be called. We will be able to assess any limitations of the equipment, and in many cases configure existing lifting equipment to better suit the needs of your operations.

Choosing the wrong crane can cost you

Choosing standard crane equipment when the crane is going to be used daily for several hours of operation can not only become unsafe, it can quickly make repair costs add up.

Consider this example: A manufacturing business needs a crane that can lift 5 tonnes, a bridge spanning 15 metres overhead, and two speed all motion capacity. The crane will operate 12 hours a day.

The business purchase of a standard crane equipment for $30,000 but repair costs exceed 6000 per year. The other option of a production manufacturing crane is designed for a higher frequency of use and despite a 45,000 price tag, the repair costs only amount to around $2000.00 per year. The crane’s lifetime will also be more likely to exceed 20 years, where the standard crane is only safe to use for 10 years.

This shows how the frequency of use is just one area that is so important to properly asses before buying a crane. But it’s just one of many factors the team at Austwide Cranes and Chains can help you assess. For more advice to get the right crane for your business in Brisbane or Queensland simply give us a call today on (07) 3823 5880