The Common Causes of Crane Accidents

While accidents do happen, most can be prevented if managed correctly, and this is especially true when it comes to cranes. Austwide Cranes and Chains focus on managing any risks and follow a strict oversight process when undergoing our crane inspections in Brisbane.


There are many things that can make a crane accident more likely, and while not all accidents are fatal, there have been a number of deaths around the world from incorrect use, or poor maintenance schedules of crane equipment – among other reasons. We explain the main causes of crane accidents in this post. 


1.     Cranes that topple over. (Also called overturns)

This can be caused by balancing issues where counter weights are not equally distributed causing uneven distribution of weight. When lifting heavy weights is essential that there is the right amount of stabilising weight to evenly compensate for the material being lifted.

2.     Mechanical Failure

There can be a range of issues that can cause accidents from mechanical failure. Outriggers (the mechanical legs on both sides may not completely retract which can also cause balancing issues causing the overturn scenario explained above.

3.     Poor training or other user error

Operator error is the next biggest reason for crane accidents, but sometimes errors can also be a result of the signalperson, site workers or oversights from the lift planner or rigger. While there is always the potential for concentration lapses and human error, proper training in usage and operation for all people working with cranes is absolutely essential. Sometimes these training requirements can be overlooked, rushed or inadequate causing damage from cranes or worse, injury or death.

Other accidents involving cranes have been contact with power lines or incorrect crane assembly

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