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Understanding the Uses of Overhead Cranes

At Austwide Cranes and Chains we are your Brisbane crane specialists and can look after all overhead cranes in manufacturing and industrial settings. We can even arrange the manufacture of a brand new overhead crane for use in your workshop or warehouse. Selecting the right type of crane for the job is essential so you can use the crane to its full potential and for as many different applications as possible.

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How often should workplace cranes be inspected?

All cranes must be inspected at regular intervals and bridge and gantry cranes are no exception. The designer and manufacturer of the crane will specify the frequency of the inspection, but regular inspections can save costly damage, and even injury or death.

Austwide Cranes and Chains can take care of all overhead crane inspections in Brisbane. In this post we explain what inspections and maintenance of cranes must be carried out as a minimum under workplace health and safety legislation.  Continue reading

Minimising the risk when lifting heavy loads

There are many health and safety risks that can come into play when using lifting equipment around people. The management or entity which is responsible for controlling the use of the crane at a workplace and there are many things that need to addressed to manage and minimise any risk when lifting loads.

Austwide Cranes and Chains explain some of the risks and areas that need to be addressed to ensure safe lifting in our latest blog post. Continue reading


Selecting the right overhead crane for your business

It’s essential that you choose the right crane for your business, and the employer selects crane equipment that is up to the job of what they will need to lift. Since there are all different uses, and purposes for crane equipment, Austwide Cranes and Chains can work with your business and make sure we have you and your business completely covered. There are some factors to asses to make sure that your business has the safest and most suitable crane equipment, and we explain these in this post. Continue reading


The Different Types of Gantry Cranes (and their uses)

There are many different types of overhead cranes, each with their own specialised uses and applications. Most often used in a workshop or manufacturing setting, they move loads of differing weights from one location to the other. Austwide Cranes and Chains can manufacture, supply and install a range of cranes and lifting equipment including gantry and bridge cranes. Below we explain the different types of bridge and gantry cranes and their uses.

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The Common Causes of Crane Accidents

While accidents do happen, most can be prevented if managed correctly, and this is especially true when it comes to cranes. Austwide Cranes and Chains focus on managing any risks and follow a strict oversight process when undergoing our crane inspections in Brisbane.


There are many things that can make a crane accident more likely, and while not all accidents are fatal, there have been a number of deaths around the world from incorrect use, or poor maintenance schedules of crane equipment – among other reasons. We explain the main causes of crane accidents in this post.  Continue reading

Third-Party Inspections

Australian Standard 2550.1-2011

The recent release of Australian Standard “2550.1 Cranes, hoists and winches – Safe Use”, has updated the servicing requirements for your equipment. All cranes now require Third-party Inspections every 52 weeks.

Austwide Cranes and Chains can fulfil this requirement for your organisation.

 What does “Third Party Inspection” mean?

“AS 2550.1 Clause 1.4.15 Third-party inspection”, states:

“An inspection carried out by an independent competent person, who is not Involved in the maintenance of the crane. Note: For the purpose of this definition, ‘independent’ means not employed by the same organisation unless that organisation uses a quality process that Confirms independence.”

Austwide Cranes and Chains comprehensive quality process guarantees that the Periodic Third Party inspection is carried out by a qualified and competent service technician who has not been involved with the maintenance of your crane. As proof of compliance you will receive:

  1.  Periodic Third Party Inspection Report.
  2. Certified Copy of your cranes service history detailing the technicians who

have serviced your crane in the last 12 months. Austwide Cranes and Chains can meet all your service requirements.

AS 2550.1 Recommended Minimum Service Requirements

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Operating hours per day









Routine maintenance service, weeks









Third party inspections (years)









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